Thursday, July 21, 2011

Renovations and more renovations

Work has steadily progressed on the Bridgewater store as we get nearer and nearer the "go" date. Several days have been spent covering up the awful 60's-era colors that were in the building. If I never have to see another puke-green wall in my life.....

As you can see, the break/conference/napping room (on the far left) has been completed! There's plenty of room there for the bunk beds, but finding space for the jungle gym might be a bit of an issue.

Thanks to our good friend John Skelly of Skelly Construction and his crew, the entire buildings electrical (including lighting!) system was revamped and is now much more efficient (and WAY easier to figure out). The new lights have made a huge difference in the brightness of the building.

We still have some more (more? yes, more!) painting to do, but we are oh, so close to being completed on that phase of the project. Next up is the floor, but luckily we have a local guy who is a miracle worker.

For anyone interested in joining our team, we are accepting and reviewing applications right now. For the next couple of weeks the applications can be picked up and returned to our Timberville store. Beginning around August 1st, our Manager for the Bridgewater store will be there full time with applications available. Please remember, when returning the applications, attach them to a $20 bill and/or a plate of fresh snickerdoodles. This is very important.

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